What Is Workshop Wizard?


Workshop Wizard is software which helps you manage your workshops. It lets you track everything from the referrals you receive, to signing those referrals up for workshops, through gathering statistics about them before and after the workshop.

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Enter all the info for workshops and trainings— sites, leaders, marketing info and more. Check out the possibilities with Workshop Wizard.

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Track every contact with individual referrals and generate reports to providers. Workshop Wizard is the key to your referrals system running smoothly.

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Create reports for everything—grants, health systems, participants, referrals, and more. Get complete statistics on participants easily and quickly with Workshop Wizard.

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Custom Data

There's a lot built into Workshop Wizard, but you're not limited to that— track any data you want to, your way. Choices galore through Workshop Wizard.

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Don't let important certifications expire. Workshop Wizard automatically tracks leader and trainer certifications, and updates the info as they meet new requirements.

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Workshop Wizard can upload data for your CDSME and Falls workshops to the NCOA, it can produce the files you need to send the CDC for your NDPP workshops, and it can produce the MDPP crosswalk files for CMS.

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Provider Letters

Workshop Wizard can automatically send update letters to medical providers giving them an update on how their patient is doing in the workshop.

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You probably have a lot of data you collect about your users. You may be doing that by manually entering it from paper forms. Workshop Wizard lets you do it by having your participants enter the data directly into our website.

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Secure Email

Quickly and easily send secure email (HIPAA-compliant) among your staff using Workshop Wizard.

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Custom Access

Set who can do what in Workshop Wizard according to their needs and your wishes. Workshop Wizard is up to the task.

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Text Messages

Keep your participants engaged between sessions by having Workshop Wizard send them text messages. These messages can be synchronized to the material covered during the last session, and are personalized with things like the participant name and the leader name.

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We know your budget is tight. That's why we keep prices low. You can purchase a license to use Workshop Wizard for just $16,000 for the first year and $1800 each year after that. That's a low price for a lot of software.

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Contact Us

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about Workshop Wizard, or set up a demonstration for you. Please contact us at:


Workshop Wizard | WorkshopWizard.net | 303-475-2183 | 8100 Shaffer Parkway #271189 | Littleton, CO 80127